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    Facilities and equipment
    for work in space.
    Fully operational workspaces featuring state-of-the-art gloveports to accomplish a range of objectives in space.
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    Satellite Control Sub-systems
    & Space Components
    We provide comprehensive industry solutions at the top
    of the European supplier field.
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    High Performance Green Propulsion
    Leads to Extended Missions
    HPGP provides numerous advantages over hydrazine.
    Increased Performance.
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    Workspaces Glovebox Technology
    Proven in Space
    Bradford's Workspaces (Gloveboxes) provide a safe working environment for experiments
    being conducted in human crewed spacecrafts and space stations.

30+ Years Experience

Since our beginning in the Nertherlands in 1984, Bradford has paved the way in the space engineering field.

Committed to Quality

Bradford is committed as a company to deliver products and services to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Two Facilities in Europe

With locations in the Netherland and Sweden, our capabilities span the gammut from research, testing and development.

Use in Space

We manufacture a refined line of products, from Avionics, Thermal and Instruments, to Propulsion Systems and Components.

Bradford by the Numbers

Products in Space

Leading the Field in Satellite Control Sub-Systems

Bradford is a high-tech European developer and manufacturer of satellite control sub-systems and components. The activities are organized in product lines; each of which ranks top positions (first or second) within the European supplier field.

We put an emphasis on forward-thinking innovation in our development of satellite control sub-systems and components. Since 1984, it has been our vision to advance space engineering with economic and qualified solutions in our operating fields. With a long history of satisfaction, Bradford will grow and adapt to ongoing technology needs.


Mission Log

Bradford has been a crucial part of more than 100 space missions since 1992.

We are ready to handle your specific customer needs.

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