The Cabin Fan Assembly (CFA) ensures that the cabin air inside the pressurised compartment of the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) is circulated. Because of the absence of natural convection in the microgravity environment air (re-) circulation has to be forced to prevent adverse effects on crew members (i.e. shortage of oxygen and build-up of carbon monoxide).

The Cabin Fan Assembly (CFA) is designed as an axial fan unit. The propeller is mounted directly on the rotor axis of the brushed DC motor. The required electronics for motor operation and sensor signal processing are housed inside a dedicated E-Box. Fan operation can be monitored through a series of sensors:

  • Motor temperature sensor
  • Delta-pressure sensor
  • Motor speed sensor

The CFA is supplied with an input voltage between 24 and 32 Vdc. Furthermore, a dedicated connector, on which a bridged connector plug is mounted, is available for speed setting purposes. This allows the end user to alter the fan working point, should the need arise. The CFA is designed as an On-orbit Replaceable Unit (ORU). The Cabin Fan Assembly first took flight on the Ariane V165 mission on December 18, 2004. The CFA, installed on the ASAP-5 satellite dispenser ring, provided the required flow of air inside the battery compartment until 90 seconds prior to lift-off.

Performance Characteristics


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