STRV 1c/1d

  • Initial Flight Data Launch date: 2000-11-16International Designator:

Abbreviated description
The Space Technology Research Vehicle (STRV) 1c and 1d microsatellites achieved their primary objectives of demonstrating new space technologies and techniques. The box-shaped microsatellites carried 25 different hardware experiments and 4 software experiments into the harsh space environment of geosynchronous transfer orbit that exposes the satellites to severe environmental hazards. In this orbit, the satellites receive very high doses of natural radiation as they pass through the van Allen radiation belts four times a day. Over their one-year lifetime, the STRV satellites received radiation doses normally experienced over 8-10 years by spacecraft in low earth orbits or geosynchronous orbits.

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[1] Cold Gas System
[1] Ion Propulsion Feed System
[1] High Accuracy Pressure Transducer