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STRV 1c/1d

  • Initial Flight Data Launch date: 2000-11-16International Designator:

Abbreviated description
STRV (Space Technology Research Vehicle) are experimental satellites procured for the UK Ministry of Defence by the Defence Research Agency (DRA) at Farnborough.

The STRV's-1c/-1d were DERA follow-up microsatellite technology missions based on the STRV-1a & -b design (they incorporate a sample `multi-function structure' designed to achieve significant savings in future spacecraft mass and cost). The overall objectives were to demonstrate emerging technologies on the premise of `faster, better, cheaper' in a collaborative environment of participating institutions. A particular objective was to enhance the capabilities of future communications, navigation, and surveillance systems.

The S/C of STRV-1c/-1d were larger (more mass) than those of STRV-1a/-1b to accommodate more experiments (otherwise same architecture). The only significant enhancement was the introduction of full dual-redundancy throughout all the platform subsystems

[1] Cold Gas System
[1] Ion Propulsion Feed System
[1] High Accuracy Pressure Transducer