We are continuously looking for talents with a passion for space. At the moment we have the following job opportunities:

System Engineer

Function Context
The System Engineer function aims at supporting the primary engineering process from start until finish of the project. This support can contain a wide variety of activities such as: planning, customer interaction, supplier interaction, writing of design documentation as report, procedures specification and responsible for the testing coordination. The system Engineer work in a project team together with a Product Assurance Engineer and a Project Lead.

Main Tasks

  • Perform analysis and system design tasks
  • Creating documents for the data packages for the different design reviews (EQSR, PDR, CDR)
  • Managing the development schedule and associated budget
  • Delivering input to Product Assurance for creating the Verification Control Document.
  • Creating test procedures
  • Test coordination with the Test Department
  • Giving support to Production and Test phases in the project
  • The System Engineer is the contact person towards the customer during the project, when it comes to technical related questions.

Secondary Tasks

  • Testing

The competencies required for this function are a BSc or MSc level education in the fields of Mechanical Engineering or (Aero)space Engineering.

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Product Assurance Engineer

Function Context

As Product Assurance Manager,the PAE is responsible that the quality process in a project, with regard to design, control, methodologies and techniques, results in the agreed quality level of Bradford Engineering and of the Customer. The PAE acts as an independent body.
It involves technical functions where the quality management of the production processes (analyze, monitoring, controlling, etc.) is the key focus point. The functions can vary greatly from assisting in quality checks, till contributing to the whole quality policy and process management:

  • Monitoring of all quality aspects necessary to achieve the quality level as determined by Bradford Engineering and the Customer. By proactively monitoring and inspecting, the PAE will detect and resolve quality issues
  • The PAE manages project related matters as:
    • Project specific Product Assurance plan
    • Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) requirements
    • Parts, material and process requirements
    • EEE component requirements
      and as such is also the focal point within a project for all quality related issues
  • The PAE is responsible for Configuration Management of the product
  • The PAE maintains Non-Conformances and follows up on them
  • The PAE is responsible for preparing and managing RFW’s, RFD’s, RFA’s and PAD’s
  • The PAE has a proactive role in realizing an optimal relationship with the Customers Product Assurance Managers as chairman of the Parts & Material Control Boards, NRB’s, MIP’s (MRR, IRR, TRR, TRB, etc.). The PAE has the responsibility to use his veto when quality is at stake.

Main Tasks

  • Manage Product Assurance requirements in design, development, test and operations
  • Perform RAMS analyses
  • Follow up NCR’s, RFW’s, RFA’s, RFD’s and PAD’s (corrective and preventive actions)
  • Identify and help solve problems that pose a risk for product quality and safety
  • Participate in project meetings and audits
  • The PAE has an active role in validating hardware suppliers of flight parts or flight hardware-related services. In order to do so the PAE will, independently,  perform audits
  • The PAE provides input for tenders in the area of the quality organization and quality processes. The PAE provides the Statements or Compliances (SoC) that relate to quality
  • The PAE is responsible for organizing, managing, and closing MIP’s (MRR, IRR, TRR, TRB, etc.) and KIP’s (critical process inspections)
  • The PAE is responsible for capturing and managing the Configuration Items through a CIDL. The PAE carries out the task as “Configuration Manager” at product level
  • The PAE provides input to the Project Lead and/or reports on a monthly basis the status of quality aspects as part of the Project specific Progress Report
  • The PAE is member of the Configuration Control Board and contributes to the comparison between As-designed and As-built
  • The PAE is responsible for all Product Assurance documents and End Item Data Packages after CDR until Delivery
  • The PAE is responsible for the overall design-verification of the product through a VCD.


The knowledge is in content and level to be equivalent to HBO (BSc), supplemented with function-specific courses and/or training with an average study load to 2 years. Keeping track of trends in the field is needed.

Interested in this function? Please contact us at info@bradford-space.com