Our History

In 1984, the company was founded in the hometown (Putte) of Mr. Ed Voeten to support the further development and testing of the Visco Seals for the Netherlands contribution to the Nuclear Breeder Project in Kalkar (Germany). The 15 people company directed its efforts from 1986 onwards towards the space engineering field.

Up to 1989, a strong position was created in the human space exploration program for the development of payloads. Later, up to 2004, a world leadership position in the development and delivery of Glovebox systems resulted in contracts with ESA, NASA, RKA, and precursors of JAXA.


In 1994, the company recognized the inevitability for the development of own components in order to decrease the dependence on institutional markets. These new components (valves, heat exchangers, flow meters, pressure transducers, fans) were quickly embraced by the existing customer base and led to a further growth of the company which ownership was transferred to the second generation of the Voeten family.

In 1997, the company employed 29 people and had to expand its offices as well as production facilities. These new facilities were acquired in Heerle, near Roosendaal at about 20 km north of the old factory.

In 2006, a final step in the implementation of an efficient and lean subsystem & component supplier organization was made through a re-organization, mainly affecting the “human spaceflight” division of the company. A clear focus within the space business was the key to achieve a strategic supplier role in Europe. Nowadays, the products mainly find their way into satellite attitude and orbit control subsystems (AOCS), and propulsion and thermal systems. A substantial growth of the space business is being realized and a solid supplier role has been established whereby the company employs 50 people.

Since 2009, Bradford has engineering and production well controlled, is equipped and certified as a fully autonomous entity and is capable of large series production of space qualified hardware. Subsystem capabilities are recognized and responsibilities in all three fields of operation (AOCS, propulsion and thermal systems) are awarded to Bradford by ESA and prime contractors. Moreover, the components portfolio is strategically extended in close harmony with ESA and with national road mapping activities as well as prime contractor technology needs.

In December, 2011 Bradford was acquired by Moog Inc. from the USA.

In November 2016, 100% of the shares of Bradford were acquired by the American Industrial Acquisition Corporation (AIAC).

In July 2017, Bradford acquired 100% of the shares of ECAPS AB from SSC (Swedish Space Corporation), resulting in a major expansion into non-toxic spacecraft propulsion systems.

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In-house design, engineering, production and test capabilities (electrical and mechanical). View full capabilities.


Certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 standards. View full certifications by clicking here.

Founded in 1984

Bradford has been inovating in the space industry for over three decades. Learn about our history.

Space Program Focus

With over 100 launches in space to date, we focus on off-the-shelf solution for satellite and space needs.

Over 75 Employees

The Bradford team consists of the world's top talent in the aerospace field. View career openings.


Design, manufacturing, testing and integration of both HPGP thrusters and complete liquid propulsion systems.

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